Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! We are now entering the holiday season where food temptations start to creep up. Starting tonight! As I write my kids are sorting more candy than they can possibly eat! So, my strategies for avoiding eating mindlessly are to first of all throw away all the types of candy that I personally like. Believe me, there is still enough for the kids to enjoy! Out of sight, out of mind. Second, if you do over indulge, add some time to your regular workout. Adding 15 min to your normal workout can burn another 150 calories. Stick to dark chocolate if you want a LITTLE treat - check out the health benefits:

Holiday time can be stressful and skipping workouts can only add more stress. I say try to get those workouts in even when you are traveling or crazy busy. There are lots of exercises you can do on location or in short bursts of time - ask me for a vacation program if you are planning a trip! Not traveling but every min. of your day is packed? Try lunges while on a conference call, wall sit while brushing your teeth, park in the furthest parking space away at the mall or grocery store - the possibilities are endless! Sweat the stress - literally, that's my motto!

With those tips, and tons more, just ask, you can really have HAPPY (and healthy) HOLIDAYS!

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