Saturday, September 5, 2009

September Arrives!

Here it is September already!! WOW! September means another round of Biggest Loser starts. Marie was our biggest loser in July. She lost over 9lbs and 9inches! Great job Marie! It was a great month with a great group of supportive participants. I was very happy with all their hard work and the encouragement they gave each were all inspiring to me as well!

Below is the official schedule for the month. Times, dates and locations. If there is an outdoor workout scheduled and the weather is dangerous (rain alone is not dangerous) we will have the option of working out in the group fitness room at MyGyM. This month is going to be tough, fun and productive! I am so looking forward to our first meeting!!

Sept 9 - 4pm MyGyM: Weigh in, measurements, explanation of the "rules" Mini workout
Sept 14 - 4:15pm MyGyM
Sept 16 - 4:15pm Island Park
Sept 19 Sat. FOOTRACE 5k - Not mandatory but I encourage you all to tackle it!! More about this at the first meeting.
Sept 21 - 4:15pm MyGyM
Sept 23 - 4:15pm SunnySide Park (don't wear your best workout clothes!!)
Sept 30 - 4:15pm MyGyM
Oct 2 (Friday) - 4:15pm CMU Track
Final Weigh in and workout, Monday Oct. 5

This is our official schedule. I do offer 3 other group workout times during the week. If you can't make a workout for one reason or another, I encourage you to hit another class to get your two workouts in for the week. Those other workouts are below:

Sunday @ 7pm MyGyM
Wed @ 6:30am MyGyM
Friday @ 6:30am On location (check with me that week to find out where we will be)

See you on Sept 9!!

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